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Tencent Cloud TStack Solution
Tencent Cloud TStack Solution

Tencent Cloud TStack Solution

Tencent Cloud TStack is a private full-stack cloud solution that integrates IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. It features high stability and compatibility to help organizations build a secure, stable, and open cloud service ecosystem.


• Achieve compatibility with heterogeneous hardware devices and shield differences at the technical level.

• Provide cloud services and pool resources at the macro level.

• Streamline infrastructure and shorten lead time.

• Improve development efficiency and reduce OPS costs.

Focus on government and organization users to help them build private Tencent Cloud services.


Full-stack Cloud Service Capabilities

Full-stack Cloud Service Capabilities

TStack provides fundamental cloud computing resource management services in multiple areas, including virtualization, compute, and container. With excellent integration of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, TStack also comes with various capabilities, such as container service, microservice framework, big data components, and AI.

Open and Compatible Architectures

Open and Compatible Architectures

TStack supports both X86 and ARM architectures and offers open standard APIs for heterogeneous multi-cloud management and hybrid cloud management.

Comprehensive Delivery and Operation Services

Comprehensive Delivery and Operation Services

Tstack has been battle tested internally for over 8 years. It can be deployed within 8 hours in multiple modes, and supports automated data initialization and verification. TStack also offers local delivery, after-sales services and a comprehensive three-pronged operation system.

Complete Ecosystem

Complete Ecosystem

TStack has a multifaceted training and certification system to empower customers and partners. Moreover, it has established a comprehensive product ecosystem through mutual certification with many top software and hardware vendors.


TStack Architecture

Tencent Cloud TStack is an enterprise-grade privatized full-stack cloud solution designed and refined by Tencent during the rapid development of its internet businesses. It provides integrated IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud services that meet the needs of popular architectures. Tencent Cloud TStack has been widely utilized by government agencies as well as large and medium-sized enterprises because of its flexible and controllable deployment modes.

Tencent Cloud Bare Metal TStack Rack

Based on an integrated framework structure with the built-in TStack cloud service platform, Tencent Cloud TStack integrated cabinet combines Tencent's strong technical capabilities and sophisticated product bundles to provide a one-stop private cloud solution. Through agile deployment and integrated delivery, TStack reduces your construction and OPS costs and helps you cloudify your business with speed and ease.

Secure and Professional
With a closed-loop and highly integrated structure, TStack offers a professional runtime environment to help you reduce infrastructure costs and quickly build a lightweight cloud-based data center.

Stable and Fast
Tstack can be installed and deployed at lightning speed with ready-to-use integrated software and hardware, allowing you to better focus on your business.

Efficient and Easy-to-Use
TStack comes with a mature and easy-to-use cloud management platform for comprehensive resource management and visual monitoring. Plus, it is equipped with an efficient integrated touchscreen for easier cabinet monitoring.

Delivery and Operation Systems

Four Deployment Modes

Local Deployment
TStack can be deployed in your own data center with dedicated resources. It guarantees data security and reliability and works with popular virtualization platforms and hardware devices without affecting your existing IT management process.

Integrated Cabinet
An integrated cabinet can be installed and deployed at lightning speed with both software and hardware and is ready-to-use when powered on. It eliminates the need to invest in building data centers and streamlines hardware OPS.

Cloud Physical Machine
Cloud Physical Machine is a pay-as-you-go on-demand service. You will have access to security capabilities comparable to Tencent public cloud platform and 24/7 professional OPS support to save more on OPS costs.

Tencent Cloud VPC
VPC provides elastic scalability to reduce hardware costs. It can be connected to public clouds to further lower your operating costs.

Standardized Cloudification Criteria

• Your business has a traditional or basic IT architecture
• TStack offers best practices for business cloudification
• TStack efficiently and pragmatically helps government agencies and organizations build and manage private and hybrid clouds for a smoother transition to cloud computing IT infrastructure

Three-pronged Service Operation System

TStack leveraged Tencent’s years of service operations experience to design a comprehensive three-pronged operation system to help users establish a cloud ecosystem, covering operation guarantee, operation service and hotline service.