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Tencent Cloud included in Forrester's Q2 overview of selected DDoS mitigation solution providers

17 Jul 2020
Tencent Cloud included in Forrester's Q2 overview of selected DDoS mitigation solution providers

Note: As of July 8th, all Tencent Cloud anti-DDoS products have been upgraded to provide you with enhanced protection at lower prices. The international console has been revamped to provide you with a better user experience. Instances purchased before July 8th can be found in the legacy international console and will not be affected.

Forrester, one of the most influential global research and advisory firms, released Now Tech: DDoS Mitigation Solutions, Q2 2020 report to help stakeholders select vendors based on their size and functionality. Tencent Cloud is listed as one of the 22 services providers in the report.

DDoS attack continues to proliferate over the years and digital businesses that rely on network connectivity are one of its potential targets. To prevent enterprises from being crippled by increasingly frequent and stealthy TB level attacks, stakeholders can employ cloud-based DDoS mitigation solutions for fast detection and low-latency defense.

Tencent tapped into anti-DDoS technology in 2006 and officially launched the independently developed Aegis Anti-DDoS in 2010, which has been widely used by WeChat, Arena of Valor, League of Legends and more. Backed by security practices harnessed from years of technological innovation, Tencent Cloud now offers a suite of fine-grained DDoS protection services with diverse use cases to enhance attack detection, diversion, filtering and analysis.

Anti-DDoS Advanced and Anti-DDoS Pro equip all users with comprehensive anti-DDoS capability and one-click access

Fully compatible with mainstream protocols such as UDP and HTTPS, Anti-DDoS Advanced supports non-Tencent Cloud users to defend against high-traffic DDoS attacks by hiding the IP of the real server and directing the service traffic to its protection clusters. Leveraging globally deployed nodes of Tencent Cloud and dozens of large-scale cleansing centers, it offers near-source and Tbps-level protection in the network and at the transport as well as application layers. The protection threshold of Anti-DDoS Advanced can be elastically upgraded at any time, while its advanced security policies can be configured flexibly as needed.

Anti-DDoS Pro is designed for businesses deployed in Tencent Cloud and requires no IP modification. With the exclusive support of 30-line BGP access to the protection node and large protection bandwidth, Anti-DDoS Pro utilizes pattern recognition, identity recognition and other analytical technologies to accurately detect malicious requests and avoid false positives. Its cleansing capability is continuously optimized by multidimensional AI algorithms such as IP profiling, behavioral pattern analysis, cookie challenge and more. Anti-DDoS Pro provides statistical reports on attack traffic and events for source tracing and future detection. The single IP and multi-IP modes have been deprecated, and users now have the greater flexibility to choose the number of protected IPs to filter out malformed packets, UDP floods, SYN floods and many more.

Anti-DDoS Advanced involves a base protection fee and the pay-as-you-go elastic protection fee. The user will be charged for the tiered price of the peak attack bandwidth of the current day only if the latter is enable and triggered, thus ensuring cost optimization. Anti-DDoS Pro no longer offers this combo billing option, but now provides full protection with a bandwidth commitment by integrating the protection capability of a selected region.

Layered security defense to protect a multitude of industries

Tencent Cloud anti-DDoS products ensure fast and efficient mitigation tailored towards enterprise, gaming, Internet, government and finance sectors. For instance, the availability of company websites will be guaranteed to avoid downtime and data leakage, allowing enterprises to focus on business development rather than infrastructure and hardware maintenance. Similarly, Tencent Cloud anti-DDoS products satisfy the more stringent set of compliance requirements for government cloud, helping facilitate credible and highly secure public services.

After the largest recorded 1.3Tbps attack took place in 2018, the magnitude, severity and sophistication of DDoS attacks rise further especially in China and the United States. As Tencent Cloud extends its protection capabilities to Germany, Japan, South Korea, United States and other countries where many globally integrated enterprises are concentrated, it will continue to leverage its technical expertise, global deployment and ecosystem to provide users with reliable and full-featured anti-DDoS services.